Wee BlueBerry & RaspBerry – Princess Sisters

blueberry raspberry15Now, these 2 sisters are wee princesses, as they are the daughters of the King of the Great Grey Forest.  The forest is a very old place.  A deep, dark forest that’s been around since the dawn of time…at least as far as anyone can tell.  It’s called the Great Grey Forest because of the sheer vast space it devours, along with the light ingested within its’ depths.  Well, that’s beside the point, actually, since this story is all about these two stinkers.

Their mother is a wise and sweet young woman and a stark contrast to her dark, forest surroundings.  It is said she lights up the space she inhabits, literally…thus, many believe she is the daughter of the Sun.  I don’t like to gossip and I really don’t know if that is true, but it’s a nice thing to think about, don’t you think?

So, these 2 toddler princesses are very much like their mother and love to spend their time within a wide, cheery garden near their castle dwelling.  It’s been said that this clear, sunny place appeared on the day of their parents’ wedding, a gift from the bride’s father.

It may seem they live in a perfect or magical place & esp. because they are royal children.  But, they’re really not that different than us, at least in the parts of life that really count.  For one, RaspBerry & BlueBerry are not perfect children.  Have you ever met any perfect people?  Neither have I.  They quarrel.  They forgive.  They laugh.  They cry.  They worry.  They are carefree.  Above all, they are loyal.

Thankfully, most of the time, they get along quite nicely, with bits of sibling rivalry.  See? 🙂

p.s. They’ll be in the shop tomorrow –





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