Exciting Changes at With Love, Hannah Dolls & Patterns

Doll Babies by With Love, Hannah Dolls & Patterns

This is bit long…but, I want to share some important & exciting changes with you! With Love, Hannah Dolls will no longer be the name I sell my OOAK dolls under. (More on that down below.) From now on, WLH is all about making things together, including dolls, with fun patterns & tutorials! Why? Read […]

Bitty Bit Cuddle Baby Sew-A-Long – Come Join Me!

Bitty Bit Cuddle Baby Sew A Long by With Love Hannah Dolls & Patterns

Since I released the free doll pattern Bitty Bit Cuddle Baby last week, there has been some interest in a Sew-A-Long. Hopefully, you’ve downloaded your pattern already. 🙂  If not, you can find it here, along with the instructional videos. So, are you interested? Come join us in the BB Cuddle Baby Sew-a-Long!  It will […]

Bitty Bit Cuddle Baby Pattern is Ready!

Happy Spring, Happy Easter, Happy Day!  To celebrate, I have something for you. 🙂 Hint: It was laborious, fun, exciting & frustrating – all at the same time! Some of you might be able to guess already, if you follow me on Instagram & Facebook. Or, if you’re reading this from a link in my […]