Wee BlueBerry & RaspBerry – Princess Sisters

blueberry raspberry15Now, these 2 sisters are wee princesses, as they are the daughters of the King of the Great Grey Forest.  The forest is a very old place.  A deep, dark forest that’s been around since the dawn of time…at least as far as anyone can tell.  It’s called the Great Grey Forest because of the sheer vast space it devours, along with the light ingested within its’ depths.  Well, that’s beside the point, actually, since this story is all about these two stinkers.

Their mother is a wise and sweet young woman and a stark contrast to her dark, forest surroundings.  It is said she lights up the space she inhabits, literally…thus, many believe she is the daughter of the Sun.  I don’t like to gossip and I really don’t know if that is true, but it’s a nice thing to think about, don’t you think?

So, these 2 toddler princesses are very much like their mother and love to spend their time within a wide, cheery garden near their castle dwelling.  It’s been said that this clear, sunny place appeared on the day of their parents’ wedding, a gift from the bride’s father.

It may seem they live in a perfect or magical place & esp. because they are royal children.  But, they’re really not that different than us, at least in the parts of life that really count.  For one, RaspBerry & BlueBerry are not perfect children.  Have you ever met any perfect people?  Neither have I.  They quarrel.  They forgive.  They laugh.  They cry.  They worry.  They are carefree.  Above all, they are loyal.

Thankfully, most of the time, they get along quite nicely, with bits of sibling rivalry.  See? 🙂

p.s. They’ll be in the shop tomorrow –




Another Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green GablesOh Anne of Green Gables, how I love you!  I have adored you most of my life, I think.  The Anne books written by L.M. Montgomery are some of the books I hold most dear.  Anne Shirley is a “real” girl, full of “real” thoughts & with a bright personality, that never forgets the sadness of life, just chooses to see the best in everything…at least most of the time.  She makes me wish I could be her bosom friend too, just like Diana Barry.  She makes her large share of mistakes daily.  Boy, can I relate to that, both when I was a child & especially now as adult!!  However, one of my favorite lines in the book is when Miss Stacy, Anne’s favorite teacher & mentor encourages Anne, saying “Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it…well with no mistakes in it yet.”  Ahh, yes…tis true & I am so thankful, aren’t you? [A quick aside – the ‘80’s Canadian movie production of Anne of Green Gables with Megan Follows is truly exceptional.  If you haven’t seen it, do it now!] http://indiecart.com/WithLoveHannah/mt/105/94743/Anne-Girl—Anne-of-Green-Gables-by-With-Love–Hannah Anne wears a nice, serviceable dress, deemed so by her adoptive mother, Marilla.  Which translates to not too frilly or wasteful of fabric, I believe.  It’s a light greyish blue with tiny brown flowers in pure cotton.  Her pinafore & pantalettes are tea dyed, organic cotton batiste.  There’s a pocket on the pinafore, (quite utilitarian) with an embroidered blue heart on it.  Anne practiced a bit of embroidery there. Her shoes are lace up boots, dark brown, handmade wool felt with leather soles.  Again, a vital part of her wardrobe that’s very utilitarian for her long walks near The Lake of Shining Waters or through The Haunted Wood.  She also wears a straw hat, trimmed with brown ribbon, also an important accessory while jaunting about. Every stitch of clothing, except her hat, is made by me & I put lots of love in every stitch. As with all my dolls, Anne is crafted with great care.  She measures 15in/38cm.  She is stuffed with wool and is the first doll I made using a Swiss doll skin fabric, Laib Yala, in the fairest color.  This fabric handles quite differently and therefore Anne has a few quirks (don’t we all?) usually not found in my dolls.  Her legs lie at a slight angle and are a tad less firm than usual.  Also, Anne was honored to attend a special luncheon in July.  It was especially for cloth doll collectors.  She was on display & oh the stories she can tell.  When she returned home, she had a slight grey smudge on her right hand.  I have cleaned it as well I can, but it can still be faintly seen.  Be sure to see the pictures for details. I weighted her body lightly with fine glass beads enclosed in well-sewn sack.  Anne’s face embroidered with cotton thread and her freckles are permanently applied with sepia ink.  Her hair is braided with pure cotton blue ribbons tied at the ends.  It is a natural camel weft, which I dyed a dark red, not quite as bright as carrots.  It has natural highlights from the varied, untreated color of the camel fiber.  I think she’s growing into a nice auburn already, which Anne seems to appreciate.  Her hair can be gently brushed & styled.


Here’s a silly video of Anne swinging on the front porch this morning. 🙂

Anne is best suited for older children, ages 8+ and adult collectors, as there are small parts and little details appreciated by only them. I have found that dolls, just like my children, act as a mirror where I see myself & the world, magnified, both the good & the not so good, with a new perspective. 🙂  So, as I work on my dolls, I tend to reflect on my imperfections & do a little sAnne of Green Gablesoul searching, as well.  As a doll maker, I am dedicated to creating a lifelong friend for someone to love and make great memories with.  At the same time, I work hard to make each stitch as perfect as possible.  While perfection is a worthy goal, it is not a realistic one.  Each of my dolls has their own personality, quirks & yes, imperfections, as they are made with my own two, imperfect hands.  Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for loving & supporting my handmade, hand crafted art.  Really!  I mean it. 🙂

A Wee Toddler Elf Arrived This Week!

Bitty Bit Toddler ElfWell, well, well…

What do you know…

A wee elf arrived this week.  He may only be a bit shy of 4 inches tall, but you’d never know it.  He is full of toddler mischief & then some.  I haven’t made an elf, then this bitty guy just showed up. 🙂


His wool mushroom house is quite cozy & he loves taking his naps inside it, cocoon-like.  If you’re interested in making your own wool mushroom purse/bag, I’ll have my pattern available soon.

We had a few wardrobe malfunctions too… 🙂

His listing is now in my Indie Cart store.