AnnaBelle – A Wee 4 Inch Flower Fairy

AnnaBelle-a With Love Hannah DollAnnaBelle  is A Lit’l Bitty Bit Flower Fairy

She is made with cotton fabric from the Netherlands and stuffed with pure wool.  Her hair is a fiery red, made with brushed mohair.  Her face is embroidered with cotton floss.

AnnaBelle’s  fairy dress is made from wool felt, with embroidered flower buds embellishing the neck line.  Her her fairy wings are also made from wool felt.  The wings are attached to her dress.  She wears teeny tiny purple cotton undies too.  All of her clothing is removable.

She’ll be available tonight, at 7pm EST, October 4, 2013 in The Waldorf Dollhouse.


Linnea – A Wee Hand Made Doll With a Big Heart

Recently, I completed a little girl named Linnea to join her friends in Dollectable.   I sent her on her journey home today. 🙂  However, Linnea waldorf dollI wanted to share a bit of her with you.

See more pics of Linnea here.

I have learned that Linnea has a great big heart & soul inside a little girl’s body. It’s been great fun to watch her come to life. Her dress hints to my love of vintage clothing from the 1940’s. 🙂

Linnea’s leg has a little scar and at first, it made me very sad. I have found that dolls, just like my children, act as a mirror where I see myself & the world, magnified, both the good & the not so good, with new perspective. 🙂 So, as I worked on her, I reflected on my imperfections & did a little soul searching. As a doll maker, I am dedicated to creating a life long friend for someone to love and make great memories with. At the same time, I work hard to make each stitch as perfect as possible. Each of my dolls have their own personality, quirks & yes, should I say it? Imperfections. They are made with my own two, imperfect hands, yet are made to be perfect for someone special. My dolls are well constructed and ready for playtime. 🙂

Linnea waldorf dollLinnea hopes her scar does not make others think less of her. I told her not to worry, I have lots of scars & my true friends never even think to judge me based them, nor I them. What matters is the heart, our actions, love & loyalty towards others. So, sweet Linnea has nothing to worry about…just wait for her best friend to come along. 🙂

Linnea is 15″/35.5cm girl, but she measures much larger if you include her heart.

Her hair is pure, natural, undyed Merino wool that I handspun from one of my favorite fleeces. I’ve purchased the entire fleece from a little naughty ewe named, Diva, several years in a row, as I especially love her soft, dark chocolate wool.

Linnea wears a dress made from 100% cotton fabric, with a wool belt with tiny wool felt coordinating flowers. It is inspired by late 1940’s fashion. She loves her raspberry pink wool beret and grey wool capelet, made with up-cycled fulled fabric. Her socks are trimmed with cotton crocheted lace and her mary jane shoes are hand knit wool.