A Knit Doll Hat Pattern for Your Bitty Bit Cuddle Baby

Bitty Bit Cuddle Baby and Knit Hat - With Love HannahHello! Happy 2016, my friends!

I have a little something you can make for your Bitty Bit Cuddle Baby.

Bitty Bit Cuddle Baby Knit Cap Pattern – yes, it’s free 😉

It’s an adorable, wee, knit cap & is easy to knit up, even if you’re a beginner knitter. Yep.

So, you’ve made a Bitty Bit Cuddle Baby by now, right? If not, click on the link above & get the free pattern. The babies are easy to sew, even if you’ve never picked up a needle & thread before, promise! I walk you thru it, step by step, video style.

In that Bitty Bit Cuddle Baby sewing pattern, I included a sewn hat pattern. If you like to knit, now you have another option to cover your baby’s head. I love this type of hat, as it looks a bit elf or gnome like & who doesn’t love wee elves?

Bitty Bit Cuddle Baby Knit Cap Pattern

Just like the doll sewing pattern, this knit hat is easy-peasy to knit, even for beginners. The only thing a newbie might find a little fiddly is the small gauge & needles, as the hat is knit with either lace weight or fingering weight yarn. Don’t let that scare you, it’s still easy, just small, just like the Bitty Bits. 🙂  Let me know what you think. I’d love to see pics too. Link me to them! Or, if you post them to Instagram, be sure to use the hashtag #bittybitcuddlebaby, so I won’t miss them.

I’ll be back next week with more fun stuff to share with you.

I have lots of projects planned out & scheduled for 2016 & can’t wait to share them here with you.

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Until next time, my friends…I hope the sun shines on you this January day. 🙂

Exciting Changes at With Love, Hannah Dolls & Patterns

This is bit long…but, I want to share some important & exciting changes with you!

Doll Babies by With Love, Hannah Dolls & Patterns

With Love, Hannah Dolls will no longer be the name I sell my OOAK dolls under. (More on that down below.) From now on, WLH is all about making things together, including dolls, with fun patterns & tutorials!


Read on…

When I began making dolls 3+ years ago, I actually didn’t intend to sell them. As a lifelong doll lover, along with a passion for making things & the fiber arts, it felt very natural to try to bring a wool “soul” to life.

Doll making, in the beginning, was just for me. Although I shared a bit of the process with a few people, it was a personal, meditative, artistic outlet that I relished & found great joy in. Eventually, I realized it had become a way to express myself artistically and something I wanted to do every day, if possible.

I began selling them & created this site, as well. Then, last year, I began to consider sharing some of my doll patterns, after lots of requests. 🙂 So, I decided to make that happen in the New Year, 2015.

In April, I published my first pattern, along with a detailed video tutorial, all with the sewing newbie in mind. It’s the Bitty Bit Cuddle Baby pattern. It’s free! Go check it out, if you missed see it. There’s a Sew-A-Long group as well. Come join us!

Bitty Bit Cuddly Baby Pattern by With Love, Hannah Dolls
Bitty Bit Cuddly Baby Pattern by With Love, Hannah Dolls

If you want to sew or craft a little 3D love for your wee one, I’ll help you, even if you’ve never picked up a needle & thread before.

Or, if you’re a seasoned seamstress, maybe you’ll find a tidbit here to inspire you.

There are lots of other patterns & projects in the works for later this year & I’m very excited to share them with you!

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The  name, With Love, Hannah, holds great significance to me. I shared all about that here. 🙂 It makes me happy to to see how the WLH name continues to fit perfectly as this site moves forward.

So, are you wondering where to find my OOAK dolls? Here’s the scoop!

With the decision to publish patterns here on WLH, I created a different place to share my other creative work, including OOAK dolls. If you’re reading this because we’ve connected through With Love, Hannah Dolls, thank you. Thank you for your interest in my work & I truly appreciate your support of WLH over the last few years!

If you want to continue following my doll making, be sure to visit my new site – www.faydrajones.com – It’s the new home for all my doll making endeavors. Be sure to come meet Samuel, the first doll in my new collection.

Also, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter at faydrajones.com for OOAK doll updates too. This is a different newsletter than the WLH one. It will only be about current news from my faydrajones.com site.

Also, if you’re on Facebook, I have a new Facebook page too! Come on over & like it, would ya? 🙂 By the way, my WLH page isn’t going anywhere, but will transition to all about patterns & crafts, as well. So, all my doll updates will be on the new page, linked above.

One last thing…Are you on Instagram?  If so, come Instagram with me!  I love sharing whatever currently going on, including new patterns, my OOAK dolls, food & such. I esp. love seeing what everyone else is up to on IG too!


Wow! Thank you for reading this far…you definitely deserve a gold star!


Ice cream


Go get a bowl of ice cream. 😉 I’ll join ya.

See ya soon!!

Bitty Bit Cuddle Baby Sew-A-Long – Come Join Me!

Bitty Bit Cuddle Baby Sew A LongSince I released the free doll pattern Bitty Bit Cuddle Baby last week, there has been some interest in a Sew-A-Long. Hopefully, you’ve downloaded your pattern already. 🙂  If not, you can find it here, along with the instructional videos.

So, are you interested? Come join us in the BB Cuddle Baby Sew-a-Long!  It will be fun sewing together & meeting some new friends.

Creating things is definitely my happy place & love to make things to give others joy! Let’s create some happiness together, shall we? 😉