I’m Faydra Jones

A family selfie. 🙂 My hubby, kiddos & me

Hey there! I’m Faydra Jones & I love to create stuff, esp. doll patterns & all the fun things that go along with them!  🙂  I’m a native Texan & live in the Austin area with my hubby & big, mostly grown, kiddos.

With Love, Hannah Dolls & Patterns is inspired by my love of traditional doll making using all natural & up-cycled materials.

Here, you’ll find a place where I share with you my favorite doll & toy patterns & tutorials. Hopefully, something here inspires you to create something special for someone you love.

I love to create OOAK, sculpted cloth dolls and their accessories, hand spinning & knitting. Other art media I love to use are watercolor painting, illustration & hand lettering. If you’re interested in learning more about this part of my work, come on over to faydrajones.com!

You can also find me around the web – I esp. love Instagram! Come find me!  I’d love to connect with you.

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A little back story…

The name, With Love, Hannah, holds much significance to me.  It is inspired by my sweet & lovely grandmother, whom I called Nana.  She is no longer with us and I miss her very, very much.  Hannah was not her given name, but a pet name, a term of endearment, instead of honey or sweetheart, that my grandfather called her throughout their life together.  I’m not sure how the name “Hannah” came to be, however they knew one another from childhood, so who knows when that pet name began.  They shared their first kiss directly after the minister pronounced them man and wife.  Although I never knew my grandfather, as he passed before my birth, my Nana told me all the important things, such as:

  • He had a head full of red hair, of the dark auburn variety, coupled with a temper just as fiery.
  • He was a loving man with a passion for registered Quarter Horse and could tell you the lineage of just about any quarter horse he looked at.
  • Before they were married, he left Texas for a while to check out Hollywood. He was a trick rider and would do amazing acrobatics on the backs of galloping horses.

She told me these things throughout my life and I hung on every word….

We were very close.  My Nana was one of the first people in my life to share their love and skill of fiber work with me.  I was her her youngest grandchild.  From birth, she made most of my wardrobe as a young child and beautiful clothing it was.  She never used patterns and could always create what she saw in her mind’s eye or the latest fashion hanging in the store window.

Much of that love of “making”, she instilled in my mother as well…So, Nana & my mother are definitely a large part of my love for art..for beautiful things…and for me, all things fiber…

And so, in remembrance and honor of my loving grandmother who loved to create beautiful things for her children and grandchildren, I use the name Hannah. I want to create beautiful things to inspire you, just as my Nana inspired me.  All the love and care I put into my work is for you and has been passed down to me…so it is With Love, Hannah and made esp. for you!

♥ Faydra