A No Sew – Doll-Sized Mini Bunting Tutorial + Giveaway!

no sew mini bunting tutorialHere’s a quick, no-sew mini flag bunting tutorial to make with supplies you probably already have on hand.

It’s perfect for using up scraps of fabric & even up-cycled fabric.

You can also use pretty papers or different shapes.

The possibilities are endless. In this tutorial, I’m using a triangle shape flag.

This wee bunting looks adorable anywhere you hang it, whether it’s for your dolls or just a cute deco for a shelf or cabinet. I have one hung in my work space 🙂

Also, I’m giving a bunting away,  just like the one in the pics, to you!

If you’d like a chance to enter, keep reading for all the details…

Also, you can download the tutorial here, which includes the triangle template shape I used.

Make a mini, doll-sized bunting tutorial

Supplies Needed:

  • Scraps of fabric or scrapbook paper in colors you love – I used a trio of tiny polka dot fabric in blue, pink & redbunting template
  • Embroidery thread or string – you want to use something quite thin to keep the small ratio of the triangles – I used a pink embroidery thread in size 10
  • Scissors, Pinking shears or rotary cutter & mat
  • Iron, if using fabric
  • Glue – With fabric flags, I prefer to use a fabric glue, as it keeps the integrity of the fabric, not making it too stiff – however, a multipurpose craft glue, that dries clear, works as well, esp. if you’re using paper flags
  • Tape – any type that will hold your string or thread firmly to your work tab

Optional, but very helpful –

freezer paper or silicone mat
light starch
small flat paintbrush to apply the glue


1. First, cut out the flag template above. It should measure 1 ¼ in x 1 ¾ in. Use card-stock or a cereal box for a sturdy template. If using fabric, press your fabric, so that there are no wrinkles. I also used a bit of light starch on mine, stabilizing the fabric & making it easier to work with.

doll bunting cutting fabric2. Then, cut strips of fabric or paper. The length will vary, as you’re using scraps. However, you need the strips to be 2” tall. Then, layout your triangle template on the strip and mark the cut lines. Invert the triangle each time you move along the strip. I just marked the corners & used a ruler with a rotary blade to cut the triangles. You can trace the entire shape and cut with scissors, as well. Just use whatever tool you have. Using pinking shears would be nice too.


3. How do you decide how many triangles to cut? That depends on how long your thread is & how close together you want the flags to be. I suggest cutting out 10 or so, then going to the next step before making a final decision.
4. Cut a length of thread to glue your flags onto. It can be any length you want it to be. I chose to cut mine about 50 in or so, as I doll sized bunting cut fabricwanted some that could drape a bit. Be sure to add 3-6 inches on each end for tying or attaching the bunting.

Make a doll-sized, mini bunting5. Next, stretch the string/thread across your table, laying it on top of your nonstick work mat or freezer paper, wax side up. The freezer paper really helps make this project super easy. You can cut it to any length you need it to be and you can fit several rows of bunting on the same piece. This is esp. great if you want to make some for a friend at the same time. Tape one end of the thread directly to the table. Then, pull the thread taunt and tape the other end in the same manner. This will hold it in place nicely, as we don’t want the thread moving around while attaching the flags.

6. Now layout your flags & decide how close you want to space them. What order do you want the different fabrics in? Cut more flags if necessary. Be sure to allow 3-6 inches for attaching your bunting. Lay everything in place, double check it & get ready to glue.

7. Grab your glue and brush. I like to squirt a little glue out on the freezer paper. Also, wet the brush a little at first. It Make a mini, doll-sized, bunting tutorialwill make the initial glue brush on a bit easier. Pick up a little glue on your brush and apply it to the flag, on the back, across the top of the triangle. Place the flag back onto the string thread & press firmly into place. My preference is to begin gluing the middle flag and work my way out to each end.
Leave it to dry completely before removing from the freezer paper.

Have fun, hang your bunting up, then enjoy! 🙂




Now, here’s the scoop on how you can win a mini, doll-sized bunting just like the one in the picture.

This giveaway is hosted on my InstagramDoll bunting tutorial and Giveaway account.

Find my post with the picture to the right.

Then,to be entered to win you must:
1. Follow my Instagram account @faydrajones
2. In the comments, tag 2 friends who would also love to win.

Giveaway ends on Monday, February 22, 2016 at 10pm CST

Winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 23rd. I will post as soon as possible, after gathering all the entrants to do the drawing. So, be sure stay tuned in to your Instagram that day!


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