10 Things About Maisie

10 Things about Me, Margaret Elspeth a.k.a. Maisie

1. MMaisie - With Love Hannah Dollsy favorite colour is blue most of the time, but sometimes purple.
2. I love dogs, but I don’t like it when they need a bath.
3. I don’t want to grow up.
4. Since I have to be a grown up someday, I wanna be an artist, though.
5. I don’t like my name, Margaret Elspeth – ugh! I liked to be called Maisie. I was named after my 2 grandmothers.
6. One time, my tongue got stuck on a cold pole. It hurt really bad & I’m never doing a dare again.
7. I don’t like pudding, but I love chocolate cake.
8. I once had a pet fish, but he died and I was sad. He would eat his food from my fingers. He was very smart, but most people don’t believe it.
9. I love Christmas. I love to get things in my stocking and I love to make pretty things for people like my Mom and stuff.
10. I’m scared of the dark, kind of. I hide under my covers and it makes me feel safe.


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