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    1. Hi guille! Sure, I can make you a custom Pippi doll. 🙂 You can send a message directly to me by clicking the contact me button on the left side of the page or email me faydra (at) & we can chat more about it.

  1. Thank’s for your prompt reply !
    I liked the Pippi I found on your website but I don’t know the size or the price ?
    Oh, what country are you from ?

  2. Hi, love your dolls! Ive just made my first waldorf style doll but im really struggling with the hair!! All tutorials ive found show just normal knitting wool hair, not brushable, styling hair. Any ideas??! Thanks

    1. Hi Lindsay!

      It sounds like you want a brushed mohair wig. 🙂 I haven’t made any tutorials on that technique, but I know there are some on youtube. It would be easier for you to see it, than me explain the technique. Just search for waldorf mohair doll wig or brushed mohair wig – you’ll find several. Good luck!! 🙂

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