Another Group of Lit’l Bitty Bit Dolls Ready to Go!

Lit'l Bitty Bit Babies Learning to Crawl

Whew!  It’s busy around here…The babies are trying to crawl around & catch up with the big kids.  The big kids  find all kinds of things to do, including hiding from the babies. 🙂

I’ve made quite a few Lit’l Bitty Bit dolls this year…I haven’t counted exactly how many, but I should, as it seems they’re multiplying around here. 🙂  These 4 inch dolls are so much fun.

This week is a set  of 6 dolls – 2 babies, 1 boy & 3 girls – All ready to go tomorrow, March 25th at 6pm EST  (see what time that is in your part of the world)

You can see the listings in my shop.

Lots of pics on my Flickr page too.

In case you’re wondering, I’ll have more Lit’l Bitty Bits available the first week of April.Lit'l Bitty Bit baby boy bunny








Lit'l Bitty Bit girl purple dotsLit'l Bitty Bit baby pink baby girlLit'l Bitty Bit black girl Lit'l Bitty Bit dark hair boy

Lit'l Bitty Bit Red Head


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