The Last of the Lit’l Bitty Bit Peapod Babies

Well, I’ve had a lot of fun making these wee Peapod Babies.

I’m not sure when I’ll get back to them again, as it’s now time to move to other dolls waiting to be made.  Never say never, right?  So, I won’t.  I won’t say I’ll never make the Lit’l Bitty Peapod babies again, just not sure when I will revisit them.

Here’s the last of the group…a girl with wild carrot hair & peas in her sleeper & cap.  So, she’s been nicknamed Peas & Carrots around here. 🙂  There are more pics of other Peapod babies & such on my flickr page.

She’s now in my shop. 🙂

Lit'l Bitty Bit peapod girl1 Lit'l Bitty Bit peapod girl2 peapod girl3 peapod girl4 peapod girl5 peapod girl6 peapod girl7

What I do know for certain is there will be more Lit’l Bitty Bits this year, both baby & child style.  I have way more ideas that time!  So, let’s see which ones will be born in the near future.  🙂


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