Pinocchio – A Lit’l Bit Doll

Pinocchio progressI had not set out to make Pinocchio…it just happened…He was super fun to create, though.  Have you read the book by Carlo Collodi?  I had read it years ago with my children & then revisited much of it while working on this lit’l guy.  Here are a couple of online sources, if you haven’t read it before.  It’s so very different than the Disney version most folks think of when the name Pinocchio is mentioned. 🙂

Pinocchio on

Free audiobook of Pinocchio on


So, as I worked on a revision of my Lit’l Bit doll pattern, Pinocchio emerged. 🙂  He sort of made himself!  Well, of course a funny little puppet would do that. 🙂  Pinocchio - A Lit'l Bit Doll


He measures 6in/15cm and is made with cotton tricot fabric from the Netherlands & stuffed with lovely, eco wool.  His hair is dark brown, brushed mohair and his face is embroidered with cotton floss.  His nose is sculpted to be on the “large-ish” side.

Pinocchio’s shirt is all cotton blue print, with a white cotton collar & silk light blue bow. His pants are all wool, red felt and held up with cotton sateen ribbon straps that snap in place. His mustard, yellow hat is also made of pure wool felt. His ears and tail are grey wool, up-cycled from a sweater, with the tail tip made of black mohair.  All of his tiny clothes are removable and carefully hand made my me. 🙂

Pinocchio is now available in my shop. 🙂




Pinocchio mirror








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